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What a night at Bishopthorpe Sports Club! Laurie loved it so much, he bestowed upon it the highest accolade he ever utters...."That was an actual gig." Praise indeed.

One of the highlights was our debut of two new tunes to a great reception - Desmond Dekker's 007 (Shanty Town)  and The Selecter's Too Much Pressure. Thanks for the thumbs up and we're chuffed you liked them.

Another, of course was the lovely Jessica Steel joining us on stage to lend her dulcet tones to some Weller and Small Faces tunes - and the multitalented miss even came and did percussion on My Generation.

Happy birthday again to our good friend Gareth Jones. Any reports that he may have been celebrating very hard and that his wife asked Jessica and Steve to grant him a personal rendition of happy birthday are pure speculation. 

Great to see members of Steve Ruane's extended family at the gig, experiencing the band for the first time. It's always reassuring to get the rellies' seal of approval. See you again soon!

We were so pleased to see such a good turnout from our ARSE mates too. Plenty of cheers and banter from this mob, as usual - even if they can't eat Haribo like normal people. 

Next gig is another York one - sharing the bill with The Skapones at The Ainsty on Saturday 30 September. The fun kicks off at 5pm so don't be late!


One Love & KTF

The 5:15's